Looking for the perfect gift for the music lover in your life? Give them the unforgettable experience of hearing the Wintergreen Festival Orchestra perform on top of a mountain!

Recipients can choose to attend any one of four Sunday MountainTop Masterworks concerts they like during the 2018 Wintergreen Summer Music Festival (July 9-August 5).

Read more about MountainTop Masterworks dates, concerts, and programming for 2018 here

What: Two tickets to any 2018 Sunday MountainTop Masterworks concert. Click here to view dates and concerts.

Price: One voucher for only $80 (includes two tickets valued at $84).

How to Purchase: Buy your gift voucher here or by calling 434-361-0541. Wintergreen Performing Arts will then email you your gift voucher to share with the recipient. Expect your gift voucher email no later than by 9:00 am each morning following purchase.

How to Redeem: Give the gift voucher to the recipient (either by email or by printing). They will receive instructions on how to redeem and simply need to complete a quick survey to reserve spaces for one of the four 2018 Sunday MountainTop Masterworks concerts. Reservations can be made as late as July 1, 2018.

This exclusive offer is only available until December 27, 2017. Other tickets and certificates are not available for purchase at this time.