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Apply for the 2018 Wintergreen Summer Music Academy


TO APPLY, click the button. This will take you to our landing page on GetAcceptd.ComAcceptd is a secure site and will never sell or publicize your personal information. 

Application Deadlines

  • February 1, 2018 – Early Bird Deadline: $45 application fee on or before this date; $65 on February 2 and after. (Special discount for the Wind Chamber Music Program!)
  • February 1 - 28, 2018 – Rolling acceptances for most programs
  • March 1, 2018 – Application deadline. Applications submitted after this date will be reviewed as positions are available.
  • March 15, 2018 – Admission and scholarship decisions sent


Applicants for all programs except Arts Administration will be required to upload recordings via GetAcceptd.com.  See each individual program for details. Optional live auditions will be held for Vocal Intensive, String Chamber Music, and String Quartet Fellowship in locations TBD.


More than 75% of our students receive scholarships.

We offer three kind of scholarships:

  1. Scholarship based on financial need
  2. Scholarship based on merit
  3. (For String Chamber Music only) Work study

In addition to our general scholarship fund, we have a wide variety of named and targeted scholarships, including:

  • The Edward J. Solomon Veterans Scholarship, for children of U.S. Military active duty or veterans
  • The Horizon Scholarship for black and Latino musicians
  • The Leonard Rose Scholarship for an outstanding cellist
  • The Wally Easter Scholarship for a French horn player
  • The Larry Alan Smith Scholarship, for a composition student
  • The WSMA Scholar program, which covers all of our Academy divisions
  • More scholarships listed soon!


Application Fees: $45 on or before February 1, 2018. $65 February 2, 2017 and after. (Special discount for the Wind Chamber Music program!)

Tuition: Tuition varies depending on the program.  Scholarships of varying amounts are available.

  • String Chamber Music: $2150 for the full program
  • String Chamber Music: $1075 for the two-week sessions
  • Wind Chamber Music: $1075 for the two-week session
  • Conductors' Summit: $1600
  • Vocal Intensive: $1300
  • Composers' Retreat: $1100
  • Fellowship Pianist: $0 (Fellows receive a travel stipend)
  • Fellowship Quartet Program: $0. (Fellows receive a travel stipend)
  • Arts Administration Fellowship: $0 (Fellows receive a travel stipend)

Room and Board: Room and Board for Academy Students is $480 per week:

  • String Chamber Music (four-week program): $1920
  • String Chamber Music (two-week programs): $960
  • Wind Chamber Music (two-week program): $960
  • Conductors' Summit (one-week program): $480
  • Vocal Intensive (two-week program): $960
  • Composers' Retreat (two-week program): $960
  • Fellowship Pianist: $0
  • Fellowship Quartet Program: $0
  • Arts Administration Fellowship: $0