River Whyless

Wild Wednesday Guest Artist, July 20, 2016

Website: www.riverwhyless.com

Facebook: /riverwhyless

Twitter: @RiverWhyless

Instagram: /riverwhyless

Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, River Whyless puts a hauntingly sweet spin on traditional foundations. Their Jan 2015 EP, the bands first release since their 2012 debut album, marks a notable evolution in their collective voice. River Whyless elected to decamp to Louisville, Kentucky's La La Land Studio where they worked with Kevin Ratterman (Andrew Bird, My Morning Jacket, Ben Sollee) on the new tracks. The result is an EP full of lush harmonies, wide sweeping arrangements driven by dark percussion and metaphors built of firewood and sap. Anderson's voice finds a mark between Sandy Denny's ethereal plea and Crystal Gayle's country swoon. English trad-folk sounds are some of the band's obvious touchstones, putting them in a category similar to contemporaries like Fleet Foxes and Stornoway.  Since the January 2015 release of the EP, River Whyless has recorded Tiny Desk and World Cafe sessions for NPR, along with other notable features from Paste Magazine, The Bluegrass Situation, SiriusXM and more.  River Whyless is currently recording their follow-up full-length album, produced by Justin Ringle of Horse Feathers.

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